JM Power strategies

What is commonly referred to today as a “Mastermind Group”, was a concept originally introduced by Napolean Hill in his book from the 1920s “The Law Of Success” and elaborated upon in his subsequent book in the 1930s, “Think And Grow Rich”. He referred to these groups as a “Master Mind Alliance”.

I have refined the concept and created, “Power Strategies for Success™”. Bringing together similarly successful individuals, in non-competitive businesses, to discuss challenges and successes in an effort to elevate each member’s respective business.



The group will have 5 to 8 qualified members and meet monthly for 2 hours. The group will be run by the facilitator, Joe Maddalone. The facilitator will run each meeting, provide an agenda for each meeting, and guide the members to dive deeply into discussions.

The agenda will consist of:

a general topic to be discussed; one member, each session, will be given the floor (hot-seat) to discuss a challenge or success he/she has been dealing with; This will be followed by a group discussion (brainstorming session) by the group members, emphasizing peer accountability and support; closing remarks by the facilitator.

Guest speakers will be invited to speak at some meetings on a relevant topic. In addition to the monthly sessions, each month a member will be given a one hour (one-on-one) consulting/coaching session with the facilitator. The group will be successful when its members learn from the collective experience of the group.



An interview with the facilitator
A commitment to attend each meeting;
A willingness to both give and receive advice and share ideas;
A commitment to challenge each other to set powerful goals ;
Be supportive of each other and be an accountability partner to the other members;
Your commitment to be a member should be for a minimum of 6 months to a year, although
you are free to terminate your membership at any time.
After the interview with the facilitator, you may be invited to attend one complimentary
meeting. After that complimentary meeting if you are accepted into the group and you decide
to join the membership fee is $260 each month, due on the 1st of each month.



I have been a client of Joe Maddalone—Power Strategies for the last 2 ½ years and have greatly valued Joe’s support and guidance as both a business coach and friend. Prior to becoming a business owner, I had a career with a large corporation where there was a high degree of structure and accountability. Having left this world and no longer having a boss to report to, Joe helps me to be accountable to the goals I set while giving valuable input on various plans and projects. I never leave our meetings without at least one or two ideas or other actionable items that my business would benefit from. More recently, I have joined the Power Strategy for Success group. Being a part of this group provides another valuable dimension to the services Joe Maddalone—Power Strategies provides. Here I get to work with and interact with other successful business owners. During our meetings, there is a transfer of useful knowledge and information as well as there being the opportunity to get feedback on ideas or issues of concern. I highly recommend Power Strategies for Success for any business owner who is looking to be more successful in their business and looking for a great return on their investment of time on money.


Joe Maddalone’s Power Strategies For Success group is a once-a-month intensive workshop that has helped me improve my business and sharpen my skills by sharing ideas with other business owners. The group has helped me focus on specific challenges in my business and has greatly improved my ability to make good decisions quickly. This is the kind of mastermind group work that can help any business owner looking to get that edge.

President, Symmetry Designs, Inc.

It all began at a Business Bootcamp. The information I received was powerful, insightful, and just what my business needed. When Joe asked me afterward to join one of his Power Strategies for Success groups, I was intrigued – could this help me grow my business? The answer: a resounding YES. The one-on-one brainstorming and planning meetings with Joe along with the knowledge shared by the group has helped me not only grow my business but grow it in the right way – strategically. The meetings and discussions are interactive and collaborative, and the connections I have made have been extremely helpful. This was definitely a great investment in my company’s future.

College Admissions and Career Coach, Square Peg Square Hole Coaching, Inc.