It’s okay to sweat, just don’t let them see you sweat is how the saying goes.  Well that’s me, appearing cool and calm on the outside, but ratcheted up and stressed out on the inside.  The more successful the business becomes the more demands it places on your time.  So many demands on your time.  You begin to feel as though you can’t get out of your own way; information overload.

Then I met Joe Maddalone.  I have many successful clients that utilize business coaches, so I thought there must be something to it, so I reached out to Joe.  Inside of 60 days we developed, executed and completed a plan to dispense with the evils of the business that were distracting me.  I am refocused now and Joe helped me divest myself of the day in and day out administrative burdens.

What I like most about Joe is he is so soothing to talk to… a voice of reasoning, a great listener, but most important of all he helps you hold yourself accountable for executing the strategy in a gentle, consistent follow up.  He makes sure you see the conceptualization of your plan to its realization.

Joe and I will be working on other matters after my busy season again, because just like the book he recommended I read titled, Make The Noise Go Away, that’s what we are going to do together which gets me back to focusing on my business as opposed to the business consuming me.  It’s a great Partnership, so thank you Joe.