A Professional Fitness Partner Keeps You Accountable

Even experienced entrepreneurs know that to increase the potential for success, a professional should have an accountability partner. This is not only someone with whom you collaborate and bounce ideas, but, more importantly, someone who you feel will keep you moving forward, will hold you to progress and follow-up with you to ensure you reach your goals.

Professional Gym-Buddy

Think of an accountability partner as a workout buddy. Most people are more likely to go to the gym regularly if they have fitness partner. Why?

  • You don’t want to let that person down
  • You develop a feeling of friendly competition that pushes you forward
  • You’ll show up- not just physically be there but work harder knowing you are supporting someone else obtain their goals too.
  • You develop a higher level of trust and communication
  • You have a built-in cheerleader who doesn’t want to see you fail

The dynamic between an accountability partner (think: coach) and entrepreneur and fitness partners is similar. There is a level of trust that is established and, therefore, the relationship is viewed as valuable. Those engaged in a valuable relationship do not want to compromise the relationship and will generally work hard to maintain trust and momentum.

How is an accountability partner different than a trusted advisor?

While the accountability partner and trusted advisor can be the same individual, they don’t have to be.  An accountability partner is focused on dialogue to help you reach long term goals. That dialogue may include constructive criticism or feedback, support and follow-up. Ultimately, the mutual relationship, authenticity and progress toward long-term goals here is key.

Whereas a trusted advisor can be an expert in a single field (like an accountant or lawyer) that will provide you guidance on topics related to his expertise.  A trusted adviser is a key part of your professional team and paramount to obtaining business goals. But, unlike an accountability partner, the trusted advisor commonly provides guidance for a singular piece of your business puzzle. The advisor doesn’t have to continue the dialogue regularly to help move you forward (although- like me- he/ she may). His/ her level of expertise is what makes his/ her advice solid, not necessarily the supportive nature of the relationship.

If you are ready to find your professional fitness partner to help challenge you and reach your long-term business goals or if you have one hurdle you can’t seem to overcome and need some guidance, contact me!



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